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Lenovo Develop Video Games Console

Written by administrator on 7:00 AM

Lenovo are currently completing the development of their capture amusement console called the "eBox '. The console is part of the company's labors to develop their goods types.

"Lenovo setup a company named Beijing eedoo Technology will manage a development because of the entertainment console, eBox," said Jay Chen, a spokesman targeted Lenovo, because quoted from the Barrage Boulevard Journal, Monday, Noble 30, 2010.

Console, according to Chen, originally urbanized internally by Lenovo. "The company formed a squad to create a prototype of an console, after it separates into a split party, ahead this month," Chen said.

Though no auxiliary niceties about the fresh contest consoles made by Lenovo, a eBox Chen says that the prototype has a similar beckon based check technology owned by Microsoft Kinect platform.

In addition, Chen said, eBox is usual to circulate in China in overdue 2010 ahead of advertise company in other countries. Therefore, the possibility as in eBox would be classified lets Cork 'n' Play, not a house game console which is a prohibited crest in Cups.

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